【open seminar】5.26  Healthy Mommy Room Vol.2 〜Low back pain and urine leakage〜 English ver.

FuncPhysio, which develops Physio Clinic in NY and Tokyo.

This time, we will make a public recording of a seminar conducted by Dr. Nidhi Sharma, PT, WCS, specialized in woman’s health. Dr. Sharma developed FuncPhysio “Healthy Mommy Room” project to provide an educational information on pregnancy and postpartum.

This series is focused on patient and patient’s family education.

We also encourage any medical providers or trainers to join this series to acquire basic knowledge about the body change during prenancy.

The content of the 2nd lecture is “Pregnant women often suffer from back pain and urine leakage”.

I highly recommend therapists in Japan who want to lean English and/or who want to learn woman’s health to join this seminar.

date2020.5.20(wen) 8:30~9:30(NY time)
Content This time, we will publicly record in English the woman’s health seminar not only for medical professionals such as physiotherapists but also for the education of patients.

The content of the 2nd lecture is “Pregnant women often suffer from back pain and urine leakage”.

Not only those who are worried about woman’s health, those who are worried about advice to patients, those who want to learn woman’s health from now on, please apply.
TeacherYohei Takada(NY), Nidhi Sharma(NY)
ProgressYuki Masuda(thai)
Entry feeFree
TargetTargeting healthcare professionals, trainers, and students who want to learn English for the future.
How to join with zoomThis webinar uses a service called zoom. zoom is a convenient app that allows you to join an online meeting without registration (you need to download the app for smartphones).  Learn more about attending seminars using zoom meetings
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【Seminar information】May recommended seminar

【Seminar information】
May recommended seminar

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